What I learned from trying Linux Desktop as a WSL user.

I switched from Mac to Windows a few years ago, right when they announced WSL integration. As an early adopter I instantly fell in love with it, even with WSL1. Things got even better when WSL2 was introduced. My love for WSL got me to the point where I migrated my entire development workflow to […]


Why I refactored my Flutter app not once, but three times

In this article I’m going to point you to a few mistakes I made while I worked on a Flutter app, and the reasons why I had to rewrite it three times, to finally be satisfied with the result. Please not that this is my personal experience, and my personal opinion on the used packages […]


The ULTIMATE setup for (Web)Developers with WSL2 and Docker – Part 2

This is the second part of the ULTIMATE Setup for WSL2 and Docker, in which I’ll focus on how to setup Docker inside WSL to allow for a seamless network integration across all your devices in your network. Part 1 In case you missed it, check out my first part of the series. https://dnmc.in/2021/02/01/the-ultimate-setup-for-webdevelopers-with-wsl2-and-docker-part-1 The […]

Setting up Flutter natively with WSL2, VS Code & Hot-Reload 🔥

Since Microsoft integrated WSL (and especially WSL2) into Windows 10 – we, the developers – went crazy about it. It allows us to integrate our favorite Linux tools into our everydays development routines. Working on web applications in PHP, NodeJS, etc… became a breeze. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to integrate Flutter development into this breezy […]